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JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class solution
JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class solution
JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class solution

JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class solution



The JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution, powered by Intel technology, enables an interactive and collaborative classroom experience by enhancing learning with an interactive whiteboard, intelligent sensors and cameras, and cloud software. The solution analyzes classroom video data, providing deeper insight into how various teaching methods impact student outcomes. J&W IPC iLearn also engages more students by facilitating learning at anytime, anywhere through high-quality, highly integrated audio and video processing. Using intelligently programmed broadcasts based on preset configurations, and one-click record and publish functionality, J&W IPC iLearn eases administrative burden by simplifying solution management, helping teachers optimize their class time.


Solution Components

•      Recording & Broadcasting system(IWB, OPS, Camera, Video Capture Card & Pickup)

•      Local & cloud server platform (pre-installed Interactive Platform Software, Automatic Tracking Software, Recording Director Software)

•      Smart Campus Integrated Control Platform(Teaching Affair Administration/Teaching Application/Interaction of Community with School/Family School Interconnected/Campus Security/Operation and Maintenance Management)


Solution Advantages

•    Fully integration

Electronic Whiteboard + OPS PC + Recording and Broadcasting terminal +  interactive terminal

•     Easy to use

Easy deployment  Simple Configuration  Easy operation

•     Modular Design

Match on demand  Simple installation  Convenient maintenance

•     With High-performance, cost-effective video capture card

JWIPC iLearn solution is equipped with JWIPC latest FPGA video capture card, capture card support 1*HDMI and 4*3G-SDI. One JWIPC FPGA video capture card can be completed in two or three video capture card functions, simplified hardware configuration, with higher cost-effective.