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V5 Portable License Plate Recognition (V5 LPR)

V5 Portable License Plate Recognition (V5 LPR)


The V5 PSU – LPR is the world’s first wireless, portable license plate reading solution that can be deployed in under 30 minutes without the need fixed power or communications. 

The revolutionary power system consists of 1 kilowatt of onboard battery power and can be powered by lightweight, bullet-resistant V5 solar panels. This intelligent device has onboard computing with built-in software that automatically captures the license plate in real-time on still or moving vehicles, compares or adds it to a pre-defined list and sends real-time alerts.

This LPR solution is best for ingress/egress areas, parking lots, garages and areas where max speed of the vehicle is under 55 mph. V5 PSU – LPRs are compact and weigh less than 25 pounds, enabling rapid deployment and re-deployment. The V5 PSU – LPR can be configured and installed in under 30 minutes, all packaged in a ruggedized enclosure for deployment in any outdoor environment without the need for trenching and permits.


Use Case: Bay Area City Combating Illegal Dumping

The Problem: A Bay Area city had to monitor almost two hundred illegal dumping hotspots, fielding up to a hundred calls daily. Even after the creation of a dedicated taskforce, preventing illegal dumping was costly.

The Solution: The city deployed V5 Portable License Plate Reader (V5 PSU-LPR) to capture offenders’ license plates in outdoor areas without power.

 The Results: In less than a year, the city has seen no service requests in areas where units are deployed. The units act as a deterrent and provide forensic evidence, with several citations being issued based on the LPR data.

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