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With iHEPS monitoring solutions, you can get instant feedback on your actual energy use at any moment in time and determine whether the existing electricity is being consumed in an efficient manner

Transform your data

Transform your raw data into the metrics and dimensions needed to create easy-to- read reports and dashboards — no code or queries required Now you can figure out the problems by looking at these beautiful charts and reports

Up-to-date data
iHEPS+ gives you the real-time, interactive and highly accurate data you need From here, you will be able to know exactly where your energy is spent, and this will assist you in deciding on where to minimize wastage and save cost.

Personalize the data you needed

Your account is completely tailored by our experienced specialist, which is 100% protected by our proprietary encryption technology. Our alerting system will notify you based on your preference. Configure alerts to your specifications and levels of importance (etc. in the event of High KW consumption).


Monitor data from anywhere, anytime

With iHEPS you can monitor and control virtually anything from anywhere in the world. Now you can see all information in just a few clicks, by using your own laptop or desktop computer with internet connection.