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ECS Smart Building

ECS Smart Building


Creating a smart building solution
As ECS leaders surveyed the market, they realized that there was increasing interest in IoT-driven innovations, ranging from smart home solutions for consumers to smart building, transportation, and energy management solutions. Drawing on the company’s heritage of innovation and sustainability, ECS executives decided to develop a starter kit, which provided an intelligent gateway and management system its partners could use to create and integrate smart building solutions and services of their own.
Smart building customers require flexibility and customization, as each enterprise’s needs are different and every solution will be unique and proprietary. ECS has demonstrated that it is willing to invest in the market and create a proof of concept that its partners can use. ECS partners know that the company has the vision and business and technical expertise to help them capitalize on IoT-driven smart building opportunities. ECS has been in the hardware business for 30 years and provides flexible hardware and middleware solutions that integration knowledge partners can use to develop their own applications on the ECS platform. For example, ECS created a smart parking solution that was recognized and successfully deployed in Taiwan 2016 ETC projects. The solution combined ECS hardware and partner software to provide greater parking accuracy and efficiency, while delivering exceptional wireless performance.
ECS’s innovative partnership opportunities
The ECS smart building solution combines an Azure-certified IoT hub and intelligent gateway, middleware, software development kit (SDK) and documents; and supports multiple IoT communications platforms and cloud services via APIs and rich agents. The solution provides preprocessing sensor and device data and a logic rules engine for rule setting and execution, enabling power analysis, automated energy demand management, prioritized and scheduled repairs, and predictive maintenance.
Partnership opportunities include:
  • OEMs: Developing intelligent devices and then connecting and managing them with the smart building solution.
  • ISVs: Using the starter kit to add capabilities and develop after-services and maintenance businesses.
  • SIs: Implementing a preconfigured, turnkey solution that can be implemented rapidly and that provides ROI in its first year.