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Mivatek Health Care
Mivatek Health Care

Mivatek Health Care



  • Video-Verified
  • Smart Care System
  • Collaborative Video Alert System
  • The start KIT is regarding Intel® Quark technology to combination whole elder care need, the Smart Care solutions and service pioneer with Video-Verified Collaborative Mobile Cloud that enables individual to live an independent and fulfilling life at home and to reduce caregivers’ workload, making their life easier and productive


IoT Solution Application

  • Solution Overview
  • An easy to install kit designed to assist caregivers with elderly patients. Facilities low on staff can use the app to monitor the condition of their patients, be alerted of any emergencies as well as other applications.
  • Mobile interactive video alarm
  • Instant emergency responses
  • Affordable self-monitoring
  • Value Prop
  • Improve seniors quality of life by enabling a more independent lifestyle
  • Enhance safety of patients with video monitoring, door and window sensors, and prioritized response
  • Increase productivity of care givers by reducing their workload
  • Solution Components
  • Intel Component: Intel® Quark SoC 400 MHz Quark Core
  • OS: Android, IOS
  • Cloud Service Provider: Amazon Web Services / Microsoft Azure
  • Hardware: Security hub, WiFi Camera, Panic & Fall button, Siren, 2 Door & Window Sensors, and a Key fob  (remote control for system)


Order Information

  • Availability: Africa/Middle East, Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia, China, Australia, Japan
  • Mivatek contact: