What is OpenVINO

Open Vision Inference and Neural network Optimization is a toolkit to accelerate Development of Computer Vision & Deep Learninig Inference into AI applications acorss Multiple Types of Intel Platforms.
Using OpenVINO could maximize the power of Intel Processors: CPU, GPU/Intel, FPGA and VPU. There are four main benefits from OpenVINO

Accelerate performance:
Access Intel computer vision accelerators. Speed code performance.Supports heterogeneous execution.

Intergrage deep leanring:
Unleash CNN-based deep learning inference using a common API, 40+ pretrained models, & computer vision algorithms. Validated on more than 100 public/custom models.

Speed development:
Reduce time using a library of optimized OpenCV* & OpenVX* functions, & 15+ samples.Develop once, optimize and deploy for current & future Intel-based devices.

Innovate & customize:
Use OpenCL™ kernels/tools to add your own unique code. Customize layers without the overhead of frameworks.