Synnex has been operating the Indonesian market for nine years, and its profit has increased 18 times.

Synnex has been operating the Indonesian market for nine years, and its profit has increased 18 times.

Synnex International has achieved fruitful results in the Indonesian market! Since the beginning of investment in 2011, this year will enter the tenth year. By the end of 2019, the revenue has increased 6 times compared to 2010 before the investment, and the profit has increased by up to 18 times; the annual compound revenue and profit growth have reached 25.1% and 37.5%, the operating results are quite dazzling.

Senior executives of Synnex Indonesia recently held an annual strategy meeting at Synnex Taiwan headquarters. Synnex Indonesia CEO Agus Honggo Widodo said that in 2019, Synnex Indonesia achieved significant gains in new product agency rights and sales channel expansion. NT $ 27 billion, a growth of nearly 20% over the previous year, and a profit growth rate of more than 20%. It ranks first in the market share and continues to widen the leading gap with competitors.

Du Shuquan, vice president of business development of Leon Qiang, pointed out that Indonesia has a population of 260 million and is the fourth most populous country in the world. Its economic growth rate in the past ten years is above 5.6 percent, which has great development potential. Synnex Indonesia's agents include more than 90 global well-known brands such as Intel, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Dell, Cisco, Seagate, Samsung, etc., with 20 sales bases in Indonesia, business covering 150 cities across Indonesia, and serving more than 4,500 channels client.

In addition, Synnex Indonesia officially passed the certification of the Indonesian government in 2018, becoming one of the few suppliers that can participate in government tenders. The related business will grow nearly 10 times in the first year of 2019, and will form another important engine for the growth of Lianqiang Indonesia in 2020.

Looking forward to 2020, Synnex Indonesia continues to strengthen the three-pronged approach in product introduction, sales channel expansion and operation mechanism, and is optimistic about the growth of security control, e-sports, commercial, government bidding, and industry product markets. Revenue is expected to continue to be maintained Double-digit growth. Especially after the completion of the construction of the operations center at the end of February 2019 at a cost of 600 million yuan in Jakarta, the efficiency of storage and distribution was further improved, customer satisfaction was reduced, and operation costs were reduced. Double-digit high-speed growth in profits is also expected.

Synnex set up Synnex Indonesia in 2011 with Metrodata Electronics (ME), the largest publicly listed company in Indonesia that has operated ICT channels for 40 years. In the past nine years, Synnex has made full use of Synnex's multinational operating experience and has worked with major global brands The advantages of long-term business cooperation, actively assist in the introduction of new products, and introduce management mechanisms such as product management, channel management, operations management and financial accounting operation analysis system; combined with the local operation experience and channel connections of the local team, the nine-year joint venture has achieved fruitful results