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Advantech Store Traffic Analytics
Advantech Store Traffic Analytics
Advantech Store Traffic Analytics
Advantech Store Traffic Analytics

Advantech Store Traffic Analytics


Optimizing Operational Efficiency

For retailers, sales revenue is always a key performance metric, but in-depth analysis of poor sales performance is rare. Advantech's Store Traffic Analytics solution enables retailers to evaluate sales potential and establish customer service and marketing strategies for maximizing profit. The solution integrates 2D and 3D video analysis technology with POS transaction data for further analysis. Analysis of customer traffic data provides retailers with an in-depth knowledge of consumer shopping and purchasing habits, as well as insights into sales performance during periods of high/low traffic for each branch store.


Guaranteed Accuracy in High Traffic

Our 2D and 3D cameras provide highly accurate anonymous information about how people move in and around your stores. While the 2D camera provides traffic counting data, the 3D camera eliminates repeated entries or exits, counts the number of entrances and exits separately, and omits strollers, shopping carts and can even detect adults and children with 95%-98% accuracy.


Integrate POS Data with People Counting

Store traffic counts can be combined with live sales data in your POS database, giving real-time sales conversion figures, average expenditures per customer, and transaction data in high and low traffic hours to evaluate the store’s KPI performance in real time.


Manage Your Chain Stores in One Solution

With cross store performance analytics, management can benchmark operating performance among different branches and export in-depth data analytics in excel, JPG, or PNG files to gain better business intelligence.


Optimize Staff Allocation & Efficiency

Through the analysis of historical store traffic data, you can learn about the precise periods of high and low traffic times, and management can allocate exact numbers of staff for a more efficient service.


Successful Story:

A Taiwan’s Mobile Company Successfully Set Their Service apart from Their Competitors with Ushop+ Store Traffic Solution