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Advantech interactive Digital Signage
Advantech interactive Digital Signage
Advantech interactive Digital Signage

Advantech interactive Digital Signage



Easy-to-Use Content Editing Software

The solution delivers dynamic multimedia content with rich graphics for an immersive interactive experience for consumers. It combines industrial grade digital signage players with UShop+ SigangeCMS, a web-based content editing/ publishing software and provides interactive API to integrate with several IoT sensors such as RFID, face analyzer and indoor air quality monitoring sensors, in order to broadcast different signage content regarding to shopper profile or interested goods. The friendly interface of UShop+ SigangeCMS allows users to easily edit and publish content to digital signage terminals around the world.


Easy-To-Use Interface

With intuitive operation, users can easily edit 1x3, 2x3 or multi display layouts simply by drag and drop operation.


Rich Features

The software provides widget tools such as clock, scrolling text, and bulletins. It supports real-time data feeds and helps you to create content that fulfills your vision.


Convenient Centralized Management

Managers can use the online interface to remotely edit, dispatch, and schedule promotional content to display during specific times. Effective message delivery for up to 500 stores is possible, which saves operating and maintenance expenses.


Easy to Integrate with Interactive IoT Sensors

Through variety of IoT sensors includes facial detection camera, RFID readers or air quality sensors...etc., it adds interactivity to a digital signage network that opens up new worlds of possibility for both business and consumer.


Success Story:

Advantech, Carrefour Taiwan and Intel Team Up for Building Taiwan’s First Intelligent Hypermarket