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Avalue Interactive Smart Shelf
Avalue Interactive Smart Shelf

Avalue Interactive Smart Shelf


Movement of the merchandise will trigger the digital signage to play coordinate content such as promotion information, product introduction and so on. Customers can get immediate knowledge about the product they are appealed to without having to ask help from or being promoted to by store staff. To owners, they not only effortlessly attract and speak to the potential buyers but also keep record of what are the items that had most attention; this will in turn benefit retailers' merchandizing and store layout strategy.


Why need Interactive Smart Shelf with Facial Recognition in the retail stores?

  • Detect Movement of Product and Trigger the Advertisement

  • Good for Complex Products or Promote Specific Items with Attractive Advertisement, Product Details or Discount Voucher

  • Power BI Report: visual analysis report


Target markets

  • Restaurant

  • Shopping Mall

  • Chain Store

  • Hospitality


Hardware: EPC-BYT2

  • Compact Intel® Atom™ Based signage player with Bluetooth receiver

  • Full function Renity Signs with Smart Shelf Trigger for interactive advertisement is preloaded

  • Beacon Sensor: Bluetooth with G-Sensor beacon


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