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Revlis Tele-Health Care Solution
Revlis Tele-Health Care Solution
Revlis Tele-Health Care Solution

Revlis Tele-Health Care Solution


CMATE Remote Monitoring device is designed for sub-health people who may have potential cardiovascular disease, geriatrics or chronic disease but it is not necessary to go to hospital immediately. The report on our APP provides to user is analyzed by our AI Classifier Engine, moreover, CMATE app show the information about what should be aware under your good or bad heart condition and more service to help you get healthier.


Key Capabilities

  • Ease of use and handy (by touching 4 conductors on the top area of chest)

  • Friendly and informative contents by leverage CMATE AI engine for quick triage   

  • CMATE ECG provides a medical-like waveforms at back end allow professional service providers for 2nd level consultancy

  • Competitive pricing model allow quick penetration 


Portable ECG_CmateH Specification

Computing power:

Microprocessor: Intel® Quark™ SE C1000 @ 32MHz

Memory: 80KB RAM Storage space: Flash Memory

Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4.0 (BR+EDR+LE)



Number of leads: 3-lead ECG

Sampling rate: 1,000Hz

Heartbeat detection: 30-250bpm/min

Frequency response: 0.67Hz to 40Hz 1.21 dB~- 3.0dB

Dynamic input: ±5mV

Instant recording: 30s

Anti-noise: 50Hz / 60Hz

Input resistance: > 10MΩ

Common-mode rejection ratio: >60dB


Battery and power:

Battery: 750mAh Lithium-ion



Size: 113 x 78 x 20 mm

Weight: 160g