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Avalue Medix Care Solution
Avalue Medix Care Solution
Avalue Medix Care Solution

Avalue Medix Care Solution



The Medix Care Solution enables communication between medical staff and patients, empowering services at the point of care, while providing analytics to facilitate hospital management:
  • Communication to Nursing station
  • Digital Patient Records at Bedside
  • Wide Range of Clinical Efficiencies


  • Versatile Computer Platforms
  • Enhances mobility and enables BYOD initiatives:
    - Bedside Terminals
    - TV
    - Set-Top-Box
    - Tablet
    - BYOD
    - Any X86/ Intel based Bedside Terminal
  • Fit your healthcare environment: 
    - Front face IP65 protects against the ingress of fluids and dust
    - Rare design compliant to IP54 standards
  • Provide thermal management ensuring higher reliability and silent operation

Benefits for

Transparency: The solution technology enables logging and tracking of patients and medical equipment. The unique barcode scanner helps reduce medical errors during medication management. Asset tracking using RFID tags reduces incidences of lost equipment and possible theft. Additionally, patient feedback surveys instantaneously measure patient feedback and experiences.
Profitability: Greater clinical efficiency saves time and money. Integrating voice-over-IP reduces communication costs, and integrated billing systems streamline hospital administration. Additionally, patient entertainment services provide hospital management with new revenue options to increase profitability.
Accuracy: Doctors and nurses can access the hospital back office securely using a smart card or via RFID. With information about drug allergies, prescriptions and test results right at the bedside, this technology helps medical staff to make the right decisions at the right time.
Efficiency: Accessing a patient's medical records at the bedside reduces paperwork and possible transcription errors. 
Workflow: Effective technology can assist with improved workflow, saving staff valuable time that can then be spent on critical duties and with patients.
Experience: Providing a variety of media – TV, radio, video on demand and games as well as integration with the hospital's kitchen management system, enabling patients to select their own meals. Additionally, patients can control the lighting, blinds and air conditioning in their room, saving staff valuable time. 
Communication: Improving doctor-patient relationships by helping healthcare professionals to communicate smarter and more efficiently via real-time messaging and video conferencing. Connecting patients with family and friends by means of nternet apps, chat, voice-over-IP, webcam and e-mail.
Education: Educational videos explaining prevention methods, medical procedures or treatment plans. Patients can use the solution to make notes about their treatment and medication or raise questions relating to their illness or condition.
Independence: Empowering patients and encouraging their independence will ensure a better care continuum and faster recovery times.


Solution Includes

Software: Medix platform
Wall mounting arm