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AAEON Up IQRF IoT Starter Kit

AAEON Up IQRF IoT Starter Kit


Start your IoT development with gateway, sensors, software and cloud ready package.

The purpose of the UP-IQRF IoT Starter Kit is to enable you to build your complete IoT solution from sensors and actuators, through a gateway up to different clouds and mobile apps just in a matter of a couple of hours. Afterwards, you will be able to extend your network with ready IQRF interoperable devices and use your solution for proof-of-concept projects. 


What’s in your kit


Development Set for IoT (DS-IOT-01) This set provides a wireless network based on IQRF mesh technology.

It includes:

• Sensors for temperature, light intensity, voltage measurement

• Relay kit

• IQRF programmer & debugger

• Transceivers

• IQRF coordinator adapter for the UP board

• Connectors and cables

• Software

  • UP Board and power adapter
  • (UP board: 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC)
  • When fitted with the IQRF coordinator from the Development Set, the UP Board provides a
  • gateway to cloud services.
  • Preinstalled software: no.



Installation instructions will help you locate and install required software.


• Ubilinux

• MQTT Broker

• IQRF Gateway Daemon

• IQRF Gateway Daemon WebApp

• Node.js

• Node-RED 


Installation guide:

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