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ADLINK Edge IoT Digital Experiment
ADLINK Edge IoT Digital Experiment

ADLINK Edge IoT Digital Experiment


ADLINK Edge™ makes IoT simple

Give yourself the Edge with ADLINK’s Digital Experiment – our innovative starting point on your IoT journey providing the opportunity to find and use the data you need to achieve real business results before full-scale commitment.

Our solution includes hardware, software, and support elements, significantly reducing risk and enabling deployment of the optimum IoT solution, focused on delivering potential business results.

IoT solutions often require significant investment, with success rates as low as 26% according to industry research. With a digital experiment from ADLINK however you have none of the upfront costs and risk generated by many IoT investments and you can benefit from rapid evaluation to enable dynamic decision-making.

ADLINK Edge™ releases the power of your operational data and enables intelligent decision-making by streaming to any cloud platform to give you access to deeper insight from advanced analytics, AI and machine learning.

With no programming necessary, ADLINK Edge™ quickly connects your previously unconnected operational equipment and sensors. Then by tapping into native communication protocols data can be captured and streamed at the Edge. From the Edge this data can then be streamed securely between devices, databases and to the cloud enabling analysis and easy visualization to inform your decisions and optimize your operations. All in real-time.

ADLINK digital experiments can provide all the relevant hardware, software and services required utilizing hardware such as ADLINK’s IoT gateway device - the MXE-211 featuring the Intel Atom® x5-E3930/x7-E3950 processor, or the machine condition monitoring device MCM-100 featuring Intel Atom® x7-E3950 processor. For smart vision applications, the NEON smart cameras 1020 or 1040 featuring Intel® Atom™ Quad-Core processor are available.



  • It’s a simple, secure and low cost starting point for your IoT project
  • Connect, stream & control your data whatever equipment, systems and cloud platform you use
  • Stream data securely
  • Get results by visualizing your data in real time to take decisions at the edge
  • Try different analytics and approaches to reduce costs​
  • Validate results and reduce risk before rolling out company-wide

Use Case: Smart Pallets for Warehouse Logistics

ADLINK’s solution makes packages and pallets themselves intelligent so they can detect where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there, in real time.  The warehouse management system communicates with ADLINK Smart cameras which scan package barcodes to ensure all is correct. Any errors are instantly highlighted with spotlights enabling misplaced packages to be easily moved. Data is streamed easily and securely in real-time between edge devices, warehouse systems, ERP, the cloud and employees making automated warehouse logistics simple. Analytics, security, device management and visualization at the Edge are made possible for easy control and increased productivity.


Use Case: Releasing real-time data from gas turbines to drive efficiency

A major global power generation company operating in North & South America uses ADLINK Edge™ to connect existing software and systems seamlessly and cost effectively. The company is now able to stream real-time data from its gas turbines and drive efficiency by using cloud analytics to enable predictive maintenance. The benefits are reduced downtime from maintenance shutdowns, improved fault-finding, reduced cost as well as increased customer satisfaction and productivity.


Define your IoT solution with an ADLINK Edge™ Digital Experiment

Give yourself the Edge with ADLINK’s Digital Experiment by identifying the operational data required to achieve real business results before full-scale commitment. ADLINK connects previously unconnected equipment and sensors at the Edge and streams data securely in real time to the cloud enabling analysis and easy visualization to inform decisions and optimize operations. Find real business outcomes in as little as 30 days