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Smart Transportation - IVS-300-ULT3 In Vehicle Computer
Smart Transportation - IVS-300-ULT3 In Vehicle Computer

Smart Transportation - IVS-300-ULT3 In Vehicle Computer


eBus Solution

The IVS series is designed with reliable performance for harsh environments. Our in-vehicle systems can be used in different applications without any limitation such as bus, taxi, and truck. The IVS series is built in with OBD-II function so that it can be used to check the vehicle status. Additionally, you can connect four IP cameras through the PoE ports for surveillance. Furthermore, with the real-time streaming NVR (Network Video Recorder), critical moments can be recorded when accident happens, therefore enhancing safety of drivers and passengers on the move. The IVS series is integrated with GPS module, allowing users to track the bus and identify its location quickly.

Product feature:

Wide Range Temperature:

IEI fanless product series has leading-edge thermal design and has been tested under extreme temperature conditions in order to ensure that IEI fanless products can work in any harsh environment.


E-mark Certification:

All vehicles, vehicle parts, and electronic products for the car must be enforced EMC testing. IEI IVS and IKARPC In-Vehicle series product all get E-Mark certification which are required for the European market.


Vibration and Shock Resistance:

In-vehicle systems must be able to withstand the shock and vibration that comes with driving a vehicle. IEI transportation series meet the requirement for different environments and has passed particular verification dependent on MILSTD-810G 514.5 standard, EN61373 for railway market, EN60721 for in-vehicle market.


Particular Power Solution:

We design wide power input to prevent surge when starting engine. We develop power management for users. For in-vehicle market, we design wide DC input and ACC power to ensure users can operate the system well.