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Vital Sign Collection
Vital Sign Collection

Vital Sign Collection


IEI products help daily healthcare jobs become more flexible and convenient. The Integrative Data Acquisition System for medical care with highly integrated & ruggedized devices answer all data capturing needs on the field and promise to enhance productivity. Both Windows and Android OS are supported in addition to Linux OS provided by our professional software team.


Current Clinical Issues

Due to record keeping needs and procedures, staffs spend a ton of time copying data; therefore, decreasing time for patient care

Transcription errors affect patient safety

Medical care systems are often not integrated or digitized


Integrative Data Acquisition System for Medical Care

Simple wireless scanning that saves time (eliminates need of constant re-checking for copying errors)

Data is automatically verified for accuracy and correctness then uploaded to the server or HIS; thus, eliminating steps where human errors may occur

Complete data integration and syncs medical data in real time

When the time comes for JCI accreditation, your data would be complete for the evaluation