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AOPEN Smart Retail Solution onboard
AOPEN Smart Retail Solution onboard

AOPEN Smart Retail Solution onboard


AOPEN’s Machine Vision solution is based on meldCX-intelligence (m-intelligence) - an Artificial Intelligence (AI) module.

It is the first AI enabled, computer vision bulk product scale and labelling system that can recognise products, learn behaviours and apply business rules at the edge and in the cloud (Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform). It utilises best of breed Intel® technology - an Intel® Movidius™ Compute Stick on inference level for extra compute power, and OpenVINO™ Toolkit to optimise solution so it can work on various hardware formats.

The process involves machine learning and computer vision technology to:

  1. Detect a specific product when it is placed on the scale.
  2. The printer then automatically prints a check-out tag that matches the product and weight, preventing loss for retailers in scenarios where customers mislabel higher priced product with lower-priced check-out tag.
  3. The solution builds an inference network at the edge, thus is able to run offline and become smarter as it is continuously in use.





Availability & Pricing

Minimum Order Quantity (Unit) : 10

Order Lead Time (Days) : 13