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Everfocus AI Transportation Solution(eIVP-KBU-IV-V0004)
Everfocus AI Transportation Solution(eIVP-KBU-IV-V0004)

Everfocus AI Transportation Solution(eIVP-KBU-IV-V0004)


Solution provides:

  • Instant video analytics to identify pedestrian and vehicle
  • Wide view angle cover vehicle blind spot
  • Generate statics report of real traffic flow for rearrange transportation route
  • Integrate vehicle meta data 
  • Compliance to fleet management and remote 4G real-time video and GPS tracking


EverFocus has been engaged in the field of vehicle electronic monitoring for over 25 years.

The eIVP-KBU-IV-V0004 (eIVP5600) is the first industrial fanless NVR that EverFocus launches; it is featured with build-in Intel® 7th Gen. Core™ i5/i7 processor and Intel® Movidius™ AI core module, supporting AI and high computing performance.

Solution pack: cold chain transportation (temperature sensor + AI video analytics )

The eIVP-KBU-IV-V0004 (eIVP5600) has aluminum alloy casing and elegant line heat-conducting design. It has passed MIL-STD-810G shock and vibration test. It is RoHS compliant and suitable for train, railway and fleet management. Besides, it provides 8 PoE ports to connect to network IP camera and provides GbE port.

EverFocus spares no effort to maintain the quality of products as well as the sustainability of environment; thus, eIVP-KBU-IV-V0004 (eIVP5600) has not only passed certifications such as FCC and CE, but also is RoHS compliant. Being intelligent, highly resilient and tailored-made for mobile network monitoring usage, undeniably eIVP-KBU-IV-V0004 (eIVP5600) is perceived as the top choice when it comes to the total solution of transportation.

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By fighting alongside with Intel in the era of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT), vehicle-mounted products of EverFocus have evolved into mature and comprehensive smart transportation AIoT product series. Once again, EverFocus has surpassed its limits! In 2018, EverFocus launched a series of products which follow the latest regulations regarding auxiliary steering system of driving visibility and successfully lighted up the sky of vehicle-mounted market.

In the trust of our customers, EverFocus goes out of its way to continuously optimize our services and products. We are grateful for the role we play and we remain committed as ever to ensuring your success.

Your safety, our focus. To learn more about EverFocus: