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V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensor (V5 GSL)

V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensor (V5 GSL)


V5 Systems’ Acoustic Gunshot Sensor is the world’s first wireless, portable, solar-powered Gunshot Locator (GSL) device.

The V5 GSL Sensor enables:

·         Up to 90% alert accuracy after initial burn-in phase with AI-driven analytics  

·         Gunshot and video notifications relayed in 2-3 seconds directly to end user

·         Deployments and re-deployments in under 30 minutes per unit


These devices are completely wireless so they enable users to deploy sophisticated gunshot detection solutions wherever they have a need for them, rather than, wherever they have access to fixed power and connectivity. This eliminates the need for trenching and acquiring permits vastly reducing implementation cost and time.

By continuously monitoring ambient environmental audio, the sensor is able to both detect and localize the source of gunfire and provide real-time location information for each gunshot event. The sensor can be deployed with a V5 Portable Security Unit(s) to provide acoustic and video information and/or with a V5 Portable Power Unit(s) to provide just acoustic information.

V5 Systems’ Acoustic Gunshot Sensor features artificial intelligence that refines its learning over time within the environment in which it is located.  The smart software uses models that emulate the human brain and has an extensive built-in library to produce the highest detection accuracy possible. Additionally, it includes dynamic learning to expand its library and continuously train itself, further increasing the accuracy of the system. When multiple V5 Portable Units are deployed with V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensor, they can share data and work together to triangulate the source of one or more gunshots, determining precise locations while sending real-time audio alerts via email and/or text to any authorized first responders and security personnel. These intelligent devices are powered by V5’s proprietary power and power management system, driven by an edge-computing platform, equipped with on-board storage, and communicate via cellular networks, Wi-Fi and/or radio frequency. The solution can generally be installed in under 30 minutes; all packaged in a ruggedized enclosure for easy deployment and/or re-deployment in any outdoor environment.


Use Case: City Terrorized by a Serial Shooter

The Problem: A Silicon Valley city was terrorized by a serial shooter firing at moving vehicles over a period of four months. The area the shooter targeted was along a freeway without existing video surveillance.

The Solution: Law Enforcement was desperate to find the shooter and decided it was time to deploy V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensor (V5 PSU-GSL), a portable solution to capture and localize sources of gunfire, sending validated real-time alerts to officers’ phones via an app.

The Results: Within a month, officers were able to move the units 12 times, allowing them to ultimately home in and catch the serial shooter.


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