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V5 Camera Adaptive Platform (V5 CAP)

V5 Camera Adaptive Platform (V5 CAP)


Take your products to the next level with the V5 Systems Camera Adaptive Platform (V5 CAP). It provides a wireless, self-powered outdoor security platform for 3rd party camera integration.

This intelligent platform consists of an ongoing power source using proprietary solar technology paired with V5’s revolutionary power system. Communications are through Wi-Fi, Cellular or Radio Frequency. Weighing approximately 25 lbs, it has the smallest form factor of its kind. It can turn any existing camera into a self-powered, compact unit that can now monitor any outdoor area. It can be configured and installed in under 30 minutes for quick, IT friendly deployments. These portable solutions eliminate the need for trenching, vastly reducing cost and time. Be at the forefront of innovation and bring video surveillance to any outdoor area without the limitations of fixed power and connectivity.

Use Case: University Extending Outdoor Surveillance

The Problem: Move-in weekend is always a hectic influx of students and partners. A university in Southern California had outdoor areas and transit points to secure, but no easy or fast access to power and communications infrastructure. They also wanted to use the camera brand already in their network for seamless integration.

The Solution: The V5 Camera Adaptive Platform(V5 CAP) enabled the university to integrate the Axis Communications cameras already in their network. The V5 CAP provided the power and communications the camera needed to be able to deploy in areas without infrastructure.

The Results: The university avoided $750,000 per mile in trenching fees while the V5 CAP was compatible with the schools preferred camera provider, allowing the school to retrofit its security as opposed to completely replacing it.