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NEXCOM Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance
NEXCOM Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance

NEXCOM Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance


The NEXCOM Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance (PDM) solution’s high processing capability enables it to handle the abundant data delivered by its system of bearings, accelerometers, and vibration modules placed directly onto the rotary devices. The system can refer to historical patterns and evaluate the conditions of different alerts, separating false alarms from the real issues that require revision and maintenance, preventing costly downtimes and repairs. The solution also provides a human machine interface (HMI) that displays and enables control of storage, analysis, and real-time data representations of values, trends, bar graphs, and plots.


Predictive maintenance allows manufacturers to address failure risks lying in plants in early phases. But making accurate predictions takes experts with domain knowhow and cannot be afforded by most manufacturers. Cloud analysis tools incorporating mathematical models created based on historical data and patterns of reference cases emerge as a practical alternative to manufacturers. For analysis to be run manufacturers can simply collect and send data and information generated on the field to the cloud.


In the practice of predictive maintenance machine vibration is detected by sensors and processed by the Fast Fourier Transform Time-Frequency Conversion. The processed data, formatted into spectrum, waterfall, orbit, and overall wave forms, is then collected by NEXCOM IoT Gateway NIFE 200 and sent to the predictive maintenance SCADA NEXCOM NISE 3600E. With the seamless integration to cloud services where mathematical modules are applied, health status of industrial machinery including power generators, chillers, pumps and others can be closely monitored and analyzed to reduce unexpected downtime.


Key Capabilities

  • Provides full records and remote monitoring with persistent data collection and storage
  • Enables real-time remote asset visibility and control through an intuitive HMI
  • Aids in the timely replacement of failing parts and continuous operations using embedded vibration analysis
  • Notifies personnel of minor to severe system anomalies with automated alerts for faster revisions and maintenance
  • Facilitates the execution of PDM deployments with education, training, and simulations through the customizable PDM starter kit

Main Features

  • Rotor kit includes motor, coupling, balancing disk, gear reducer, blower, tachometer and motor speed controller
  • Customized bearing housing
  • Equip with real blower
  • Aluminum alloy foundation
  • Disconnect coupling easily to compare the vibration behavior between different load
  • Dynamic balancing simulation
  • Misalignment simulation

NISE 3700E PDM Solution Pack

NEXCOM Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance (PDM) solution kit is the education/training kit for the predictive maintenance for rotary machinery. It includes the rotor kit, vibration sensors, digital signal processing module, PLC, the IoT gateway with vibration predictive/analysis software function. The rotor kit is designed as similar as the exact machinery. Users can us the rotor kit to simulate the unbalance, shaft alignment, variable loading to monitor the bearing, shaft, motor, and gear box behavior to learn how to analyze the machine situation. The IoT gateway with the predictive/ analysis software can help use to learn how to implement the IoT communication technology for the PDM application.