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Video Processing Platform
Video Processing Platform
Video Processing Platform
Video Processing Platform

Video Processing Platform


​Videos have become a powerful and effective tool for communication. The video processing facilitates the video files, using transcoders, ad insertion, ingestion, hosting, and rendering. It also provides uninterrupted video to TV broadcasters, network operators, and content providers.
​YUAN’s video processing platform offers integrated platforms, solutions, and services for video processing. The increasing demand for multi-device compatible video requirements and increasing internet penetration are fueling the demand for video processing platforms.
As we know, video analytics had become the most popular technology in general edge AI platform which gives insight into business and operations. In general, Intel-based design can not support video-in (HDMI/SDI) and a lost of effort to build it : 
​Difficult to setup the video capture system

   - Various video formats and spec of equipment

   - Different interfaces and OS in edge systems.

​Less experience with knowledge to proceed with vision capture for AI  

   - Cannot handle the entire workflow of capturing, recording and streaming 

   - How to pre-process video to provide accurate data ?

​Out of budget to build edge computing system.

   - Extra cost for discrete graphic card and NPU.

   - High NRE charge to build up AI model.   

What Yuan's Video Processing Platfrom Offer?

YUAN video processing platform support IOT ecosystem to move-in video-in application across IOT verticals. Meanwhile, VPP enable developers, researchers and scientists across industries to benefit from the thousands of computing cores on modern GPUs along with the power of dedicated hardware units for accelerated video processing.


We offer end-to-end video solutions such as IP conversion, streaming, video storage, and analytics approach for better video outputs. Result in, video service providers to deliver personalized video experiences, parental control, lineup management, preference settings, and multilingual selection, among other features to their users

Optimized Video SDK

  • lYUAN QCAP and QDEEP SDK provides real-time powerful video process platform to capture, record, stream and AI function base on HW platform.
  • lYUAN QCAP and QDEEP SDK includes software development kits, libraries, samples for video solutions and offers standardized capabilities and multiple monetization models to video service providers.
  • lYuan QCAP and QDEEP SDK is fully integrated with Intel media SDK (OneVPL) and OpenVINO, based on 11th Gen Intel platform.