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ADLINK ROS2.0 Development Platform
ADLINK ROS2.0 Development Platform
ADLINK ROS2.0 Development Platform

ADLINK ROS2.0 Development Platform


ADLINK ROS-based Starter Kit - Neuron

Enable ROS/ROS2 increasing Mobile Robot Intelligence


Robot Mobility

Robots play important roles in the automation of processes across a wide range of industries, such as smart manufacturing and logistics, where they assemble and transport inventory, among many other tasks. Advances in vision technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and communications and computing technologies have led to a new generation of mobile robots. Like self-driving cars, next-generation mobile robots utilize trackless navigation1, plan the best routes, complete missions without boundaries, and avoid collisions – all without the need for external guidance. As a result, future mobile robots will require large amounts of computing and graphic processing performance, delivered by a low power, small form-factor board. This intelligence also provides new opportunities for humans and machines to collaborate, such as working alongside one another to fill customer orders in a warehouse.


ADLINK integrates ROS/ROS 2.0 technology to provide hardware and software solution for mobile robots which can help factories and robotic system integrators realize the vision of rapid development.


Take ROS/ROS 2.0 as the solution platform to speed up development

What ROS/ROS 2.0 emphasizes is an open-source development platform with an universal framework, which serves as an universal language. ROS/ROS 2.0 provides necessary services for an operating system, including hardware abstraction, equipment control, function realization, information transmission between programs, and package management. As ROS/ROS 2.0 is an open-source, it also provides tools and functions for obtaining, compiling, programming, and cross-computing execution for rapid development. The main goal of ROS/ROS 2.0 is to provide code reusability for robot development, allowing all engineering to be integrated through ROS foundational tools and duplicated rapidly for various application scenarios.


ROS-based Starter Kit Advantages


ADLINK ROS-based Starter Kit, Neuron, uses ROS/ROS 2.0 as the middleware of the controller. Utilizing the robust ROS/ROS 2.0 application library, Neuron can easily connect pieces of factory equipment and enable each piece of equipment to communicate with the others in real-time. This can ensure real-time data sharing and security, thereby realizing a variety of smart manufacturing scenarios. ADLINK ROS-based Starter Kit features hardware flexibility (they offer Intel® CPUs, memory (RAM) and SSDs), compliance with a wide range of I/O ports and support for AI computation platforms. In addition, Neuron is compatible with ROS/ROS 2.0, which means customers can use open-source ROS/ROS 2.0 application libraries for robot control, including vision, navigation, and motion control, to quickly develop new applications. Therefore, Neuron can help to reduce both product launch time and development costs.


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