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ECS ACE+LIVA Q2 Mini PC - Content Management Solution
ECS ACE+LIVA Q2 Mini PC - Content Management Solution

ECS ACE+LIVA Q2 Mini PC - Content Management Solution


ACE + LIVA Q2 Mini PC- Content Management Solution

ACE is a web-based content management system. You can remotely manage the contents and schedule of your digital signage. The user-friendly interface helps you to setup the signage step-by-step. This solution can also work with QUEEN Face Detection Solution to deploy the right content based on the profile of the audiences. ECS Mini PC LIVA Q2 as the main PC for this solution.


Key Features

Device Management: Centralized monitoring and remote configuration for all the devices.

Time & Date: Add the time or date onto any of your signage campaigns Media Management: Manage and organize your image assets using the media management repository

Cloud Sever: Upload your media to the cloud and manage your campaigns from anywhere Create Playlists: Organize your playback order by creating playlists.

Combined face detection: Easily set up detect rule of age group and gender. Broadcast the right campaign to the right customer Business Intelligence Interface. Collect and analyze customer’s data generate report for user to make accurate sales and raise sales revenue.

Content Creation: Create custom signage dimensions for video walls or unique digital


Successful Story

Taiwan’s Famous Department Store: Hanshin Arena implements ECS Smart Signage Platform to enhance in-store advertising activities

55 LCD Monitors are tied together for 2x2 video wall, which placed at food court and escalator.


•1 unit Smart Camera with Queen (Face detection software) placed on the top of video wall

•4 units LIVA Pocket PC with ACE (CMS software) to broadcast the content in 2x2 video walls.


End Result: To understand the gender and age groups of each field, generate reports based on the information collected in CMS, play the appropriate advertisements, or organize activities to increase sales performance. Based on the report, From 3 pm to 4 pm Monday to Friday, most of viewers are senior woman. The Sales has successfully increased 20%/ and people flow has increased by 5%.