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Wincomm Medical Edge AI Platform

Wincomm Medical Edge AI Platform


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Featuring on High CPU performance, PCI-E[x16] expansion, Battery pack, lasting up to 50 minutes, and Medical MDR/UL/EN 60601-1 4th Edition Certified

Wincomm medical grade touch panel PC, WMP POC, OR and Powerful Imaging series, are designed for endoscopy system and have successfully installed in the hospitals around EU, US and Asia. For instance, the WMP-24C/24MD meets the embedded endoscopic system specifications with its high performance CPU, graphics capabilities, PCI-E[x16] expansion for video capture card and/or graphic accelerator cards. In addition, it has USB3.1 gen 2 slots, which transfer speed is up to 10Gbps, to conveniently connect other medical devices. The P-cap touch design allows users to easily operate the unit and clean under frozen the touch by hot key. With the UPS battery inside, it could secure the surgery process and even provide the power supply inside model, WMP-24M-PIS to fulfill the operating room condition. For some cases, it would require the higher graphic capability for AI solution, so it provides WMP-19K/24K series with graphic card embedded to support. Besides, the new medical box PC, WPC-767(F) series are equipped with dual PCIe slots to support on this requirement.

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