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GeoVision Smart Retail Solution
GeoVision Smart Retail Solution
GeoVision Smart Retail Solution
GeoVision Smart Retail Solution

GeoVision Smart Retail Solution


IOT Video E2E Solution for Smart Retail


GeoVision’s Smart Retail Solution is a complete package of everything you need, to transform a conventional retail store into a next-generation, customer-driven smart retail.

-          Targeting at maximizing business profit

-          Focusing on making every single visitor to make purchase

-          Encouraging customer loyalty by promoting VIP programme

-          Streamline and improve back-office operations through analysed data


The solution achieves the above goals through the application of 3 systems:

-          Hybrid VMS system

Includes video surveillance & video analytics support designed specifically for retailing environment.  POS data overlay & VIP / Blacklist personnel detection feature provide support for risk management.


-          Customer Data Collection System

Uses a minimum number of 3 smart cameras to collect the demographic information, entry time to the store, and the exit time from the store of every customers.  The ability to incorporate customer information with transaction details provides a full dataset for 3rd party BI system to utilize.


-          Precision Marketing Digital Signage

Smart signage system that is able to display dynamic advertisement content based on category of the detected customer.  Targeted commercial has a much higher chance of triggering the customers to make impulse purchase.


Implementing GeoVision’s Smart Retail Solution will assist the retailing business to improve customer experience at the storefront, and optimize back-office operations management through data analysis.  This ultimately leads to an enhanced value chain that drives a higher business profit.