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GeoVision Smart Building
GeoVision Smart Building
GeoVision Smart Building
GeoVision Smart Building

GeoVision Smart Building


GeoVision’s Smart Building Solution


GeoVision’s Smart Building Solution is an end-to-end solution designed for both commercial & residential premises with the need for access control and/or vehicle control.

The complete solution includes 6 main features:

  • Access Control for Personnel
  • Employee Time Attendance Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Patrol Management
  • Integration with VMS & Peripheral Systems


This end-to-end solution is commonly deployed to the following sectors:

  • Office Building
  • Storage Warehouse
  • Community Watch
  • Healthcare Profession
  • Banking Industry
  • Factory
  • Educational Institution


GeoVision’s Smart Building Solution provides businesses with the ability to centrally manage multiple sites despite their geographical differences.  Its scalability also allows businesses to expand their coverage without the need of purchasing additional hardware for system management.  By leveraging IoT capabilities, the solution also offers browser-based accessibility & mobile applications that further aid to the flexibility in remote management.

With the help from Intel hardware & software development kit, the solution mainframe has been boosted and optimized to ensure that best performance can be observed by our partners and users.